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Mains Wireless Alarm Base with
Rechargeable battery back-up
The RF-SFTP unit is an accessory which can simply be fitted
in place of the standard base plate on NEW Slick® (‘wireless capability’) alarms.

It enables a versatile system of interconnected alarm units to be set up without the need for additional interconnection cable.

The base has a rechargeable lithium battery designed to provide up to 3 months supply on mains failure.

Both the base and the battery are guaranteed for ten years.

The base includes the Slick® mounting platform for the alarm unit and features
a Screwless terminal block connection system for the supply cabling.
Conductors can be push-fit installed and also released easily using a screwdriver in the release slot of the block.

Due to the unique identification code for the units, the system can be installed in properties
within close proximity to other RF and Kidde systems without cross interference to the operating system.

Up to 15 alarm units can be interconnected, together with one KN-RTH-RF test and hush switch, in one system.
  • The RF-SFTP has an amber LED which also warns of the battery in the wireless alarm base being in a low state by its rate of flash (one flash every ten seconds).
  • The RF-SFTP allows a system to be set up involving the selection of one base as a MASTER and the others to operate as REMOTES.
  • The system operates as a monitored RF system, signalling to and from the MASTER unit which broadcasts every ten seconds, monitoring the responses from the REMOTES.
  • On battery back-up, the units are not supervised but do ‘listen’ for signal messages. On mains power being restored the system re-establishes itself.
  • An RF-STFP base can be hard wired into existing Kidde Slick® and Firex smoke and heat alarms to provide wireless solution with further accessories.
  • If an attached smoke or heat alarm is activated into an alarm state, the wireless alarm base transmits an alarm activation signal using the 868MHz frequency range, causing the other smoke or heat alarm units to enter alarm state, operating as a system.
  • When the triggering unit ceases alarm state the attached units in the system go back into standby state.
  • The wireless alarm base has LED lights providing visual status information of the unit base showing signal strength reception, unit status identification (MASTER or REMOTE) and signal loss warning.
  • The base has dual antennas with automatic ‘strongest signal strength’ selection and RF link monitoring (visual status by LEDs on mains healthy only).
  • The bases each have a unique identification address and initial communication set-up is by a simple two-button operation saving time on installation.


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Mains Wireless Alarm Base