Bladerunner SWA Stripper


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Overall length = 112mm.
Overall width = 45mm.

Min SWA - 1.5sq mm - 2 core.
Max SWA -16sq mm - 4 core.
The Amazing Blade Runner
New SWA Stripper
It is well known that working with SWA can be time consuming and laborious.
Cutting steel wire with a sharp hacksaw is not easy and getting
that final result perfectly straight, right round the
circumference of the cable, can be even more difficult.

Kew Technik now offers an amazing easy to use and sensibly
priced new tool that will give complete confidence in the knowledge
that a perfectly straight cut with no ragged edges will render the
cable ready for safe termination to glands or fittings in no time at all.

Blade Runner will cut the outer sheath of SWA cable up to 28mm
in diameter, then uniformly score the SWA strands which protect
the inner conductors from damage guaranteeing a fast, accurate,
'straight cut'. Just offer the cable up to the tool, turn the thumbscrew
onto the cable until it is relatively tight and spin Blade Runner around
the circumference of the cable in the direction of the arrow on the tool,
tightening occasionally as it cuts through the sheath and then scores the steel wire.

Once the steel wire is scored, the tool is removed and the PVC sheath
is either pulled off the end of the cable or is carefully cut off using a knife.
Then the scored steel wires can be removed by taking several at a time,
and working back and forth until they snap off.

Finally, using Blade Runner, cut through only the sheath and
remove leaving the stripped and prepared cable ready for termination.

The blade provided in the tool is good for 100 terminations and can
be easily replaced in less than a minute using a screwdriver. Each
tool comes with one spare blade, with further blades available in packs of three.
  • Works with SWA up to 28mm dia.
  • 16mm 4 core = 26.4mm dia (approx).
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Bladerunner SWA Stripper