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Pipe-Prep 22mm0TPPS22

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Pipe-Prep 22mm
Pipe-prep is a brand new combination tool that cleans and deburrs copper pipe ends.
Flattening and smoothing, rather than grinding and cutting off burrs,
the tool maintains the integrity of the material and produces the right shape
for subsequent joining. Pipe-Prep removes oxidisation, a common cause of pipe joint failures,
making it easier and quicker to achieve sound and reliable pipe connections.

With no swarf, Pipe-prep helps produce contaminant-free pipe work in
refrigerant and potable applications with no internal flow restrictions
and greater contact area for solder and other joining methods

  • Application
    Dual purpose pipe cleaning and deburring tool
  • Construction
    Zinc body and various grades of steel for internal components
  • A quicker, cleaner and safer way to prepare copper pipe
  • Ideal for confined spaces - compact design
  • Quick to use - can be rotated in either direction
  • Patented deburring mechanism means contaminant free pipework
  • Deoxidisation brush removes oxidised layer from the pipe, making it easier and quicker to solder fittings
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