70w Ceramic Metal Halide G8.5 - CMI-TC 70W / WDL UVS5018986528154MHTCER70WG8.53K

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Equivalent Lamps
Osram: - HCI TC-70W
Philips: - CDM TC-70W
Ventura: - CMH 70w TC/UVS
70w Ceramic Metal Halide
Cap: G8.5
Colour Temp: (K)3000 - Warm White
CMI lamps are a new family of compact metal halide lamps
incorporating a ceramic discharge arc tube which ensures improved
performance, colour uniformity and stable colour throughout lamp life.
  • Indoor lighting:
    Shop wall, floor and window displays, offices, hotel lobbies, etc.
  • Outdoor lighting:
    Decorative architectural and accent lighting
  • Features:
    Superior colour rendering
  • Colour stability and uniformity
  • High luminous efficacy
  • UV stop
  • External ignitor only
  • Only use in luminaire fitted with a protective cover glass
  • Description: CMI-TC 70W/WDL UVS
  • Wattage: 72 (W)
  • Current : 0.98 (A)
  • Cap: G8.5
  • Max. Over. Length: 85 (mm)
  • Diameter : 17 (mm)
  • Bulb finish: Clear
  • Colour Temp : 3000 (K)
  • Light output : 6200 (lm)


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70w Ceramic Metal Halide G8.5 - CMI-TC 70W / WDL UVS