Single Door Wireless Door Kit - Discontinued

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Single Door Wireless Door Kit0L5501

Logisty Single Door Wireless Door Kit

Comfort and security for home or business

Peace of mind and convenience
The Logisty Door Phone kit is a wireless system that provides voice and data
communication from inside to outside the home or office using a cordless handset.

It allows identification and welcoming of visitors without physically having to attend the entrance.
Thanks to the mobile handset the user can also remotely control opening a door from anywhere
on the premises, at any time.

The user can also see the status of the door whether open or closed, as indicated via
the graphic display on the LCD screen.

The Logisty Door Phone offers a particularly efficient solution for premises that take deliveries
on a regular basis, it is a great aid and benefit to shopkeepers for help with disabled
access on the high street.

Permits 2-way speech plus commands
for 1 electromagnetic door release.

LOGISTY – The leading edge of innovation


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LG L5501

Single Door Wireless Door Kit