Wireless Door & Gate Entry Kit (Discontinued)

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Wireless Door & Gate Entry Kit0L5721

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Wireless Door & Gate Entry Kit - 1 Dwelling
with Coded Access Key Pad
Totally wire-free communications using Dyna Pass technology
Portable phone for communication from house or garden to main entrance
No need to cable between house and gate
Remotely unlock front door
Remotely trigger gate controller
Trigger garage door and/or lighting (via accessory module)
Multiple handsets can be added
View status of door and gate via handset's display
Charger and rechargeable batteries for handset
Anti-vandal metal cover for external caller unit
  • Kit comprises of:
    1 Button caller unit with keypad
    Metal caller unit cover
    1 seven function handset ( LG L5142GB ) with Li-ion rechargeable batteries
    Base charges handset
    Gate and door controller
  • Controller uses four LR20 alkaline batteries( supplied ) life approx 4 years
  • Light control (with additional controller LG L5300 )
  • Up to 400m radio range in free field (100m typical)
  • 2 way voice communication with door and gate
  • 3 year warranty ( 2 years standard, free extension to 3 years upon registration )
  • The outdoor unit
    This is the outside element by which visitors announce and identify themselves. Placed at the gate or front door, the outside unit is both robust and discrete.
  • The controller Connected to the outdoor unit to which it supplies power and for which it makes radio transmissions, the controller is fitted inside the building or garden within 2 or 3 meters usually on the same pillar as the electric latch. It directly controls any 12 V latch or an electric lock.
  • The indoor handset unit
    Allows the user to identify visitors and to control the opening of doors and gates, and to verify their status, open or closed on the LCD display. It is composed of a cordless handset and a base unit.


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LG L5721

Wireless Door & Gate Entry Kit