Mains Adaptor for LM ICU2 - Switches 5 Amp Load (Discontinued)

Mains Adaptor for LM ICU2 - Switches 5 Amp Load0MSA-01

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Mains Switching Adaptor for LM ICU2
A plug-in adaptor for automatic operation of table lamps
or other security devices up to 5 amps load.

The MSA adaptor receives a signal through the existing mains wiring from the LM ICU2
and switches on for a period of 4 minutes

This Product has s standard 13 Amp mains socket outlet and itself be plugged
into any 13 Amp mains socket enabling it to control a security electrical appliance
eg., table lamp, radio etc.

This could be useful indication for those with impaired hearing.

A light sensor inhibits day time operation and a control can be
adjusted for different lux levels or used to enable the MSA to operate both day and night.

The MSA socket outlet can switch up to 1000 watts of incandescent lighting and is internally fused.
The socket outlet is controlled by a timer and fixed at 4 minutes but will restart each time a signal is received
  • 220/240 volts 50Hz
  • Internally fused. 5 Amp replaceable
  • Lamp load up to 1000 Watts
  • Fixed timer 4 minutes approx.
  • Adjustable light sensor
  • Internal use only
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Mains Adaptor for LM ICU2 - Switches 5 Amp Load