Plug In Bleeper for LM ICU2 (Discontinued)

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Plug In Bleeper for LM ICU20MSB

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Mains Bleeper Adaptor for LM ICU2
A plug-in Bleeper adaptor for LM ICU2

Plug in Beeper for Day and Night use. Receives Mains Signals

Simply plug the MSB into any available mains socket on the premises to obtain audible indications of approaching persons.

If necessary, more than one MSB may be used in different locations around the premises.
The MSB will operate both day and night while any lighting will only operate at night.
  • 220/240 volts 50Hz
  • Internal fuse. Non replaceable
  • 86 db output
  • Pulsed tone 2Khz approx.
  • Duration 3-4 seconds on each activation
  • Internal use only
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Plug In Bleeper for LM ICU2