Microwave Proximity Detector 360 Deg - Discontinued

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Microwave Proximity Detector 360 DegSMW360

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Diameter 95mm
Depth: 45mm
Microwave Proximity Detector 360 Deg
Does not false activate from stray sunlight through windows
Does not false activate from extraneous heat sources such as radiators
Detects the human body and is not sensitive to moving objects such as curtains blowing in the breeze
No dead spots
Can see through glass panels and thin walls
Extremely large field of view. Over 16 metres diameter which means less units to cover the same area
Most sensitive when the target walks towards it which is ideal corridors and when entering a room
Operates at high levels. Ideal for storage bays with high ceilings
Does not have a delicate lens thus reducing the risk of malicious damage
Very stylish and unobtrusive design.
  • Supply 220–240VAC 50Hz
  • Power consumption 0.5W Approximately
  • Sitting For internal use only
    wall or ceiling mounting
    preferred height 2.5m
  • Detection Microwave 5.8GHz CW
    ISM band transmission power <10mW
  • Coverage
    Horizontal 360°
    vertical 160°
    adjustable up to 16m
  • Time setting Adjustable 8 sec to 12 min
  • Ambient light control
  • Adjustable 2-2000LUX (night to daylight)
  • Rating IP44
  • Maximum loads
  • Resistive - 16A 240VAC
  • Incandescent - 1000W
  • Halogen lamps - 500W
  • LV halogen lamps - 200W
  • Fluorescent lamps - 150W (uncompensated)
  • Examples - 6 x 18W, 4 x 36W, 2 x 59W
  • LED lamp - 150W
  • Energy saving lamps - 100W (including CFL & PL)
  • Discharge lamps - A suitable contactor is recommended


Data Sheet - pdf 118kb
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