LED Panel Light 45w- Warm White New Model

Please try LEDlite LED Modular 600 x 600 for alternative products.

LED Panel Light 45w- Warm WhiteLTMOD45WW

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when using the
dimmable driver LT DRD45
Use LEDlite, TLC Silent or Approved Trailing Edge Dimmers

LEDlite publish the exact light output details of our fittings
We test the ‘Absolute Photometry’ of the complete fitting including the
Photonics which are confirmed by 3rd party UK independent test houses.
We believe that independent testing is the only solution
to resolve the current trend for publishing unverified
and misleading LED Specifications.

Lighting Design Data
Files are available to download
.ldt & .ies files are suitable for use in both Relux and Dialux lighting design packages.

Technical spec
Luminous flux - 3490 lm - WW
Dimming Range: 100% to 10%
Lux at 1m - 1310 lx WW

Warm White - 2900° Kelvin
Highly accurate colour binning
Colour match across all LEDs.

Luminous efficacy - 69 Lm/W - WW

Soft start.
Voltage - 240v /24v
Wattage - 45w
LED Panel Light 45w - Warm White
Latest High Output LED’s
Dimming and Emergency Options.
50% More Light** - Zero maintenance - Easy to install and maintain.

Ideal for - office buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls, conference halls and hotels.

External Plug-In Driver - Required for each Panel - See Below

On display at all trade counters except Burgess Hill, Hove and T/Wells Branches
  • All of our LED panels use external driver/power supply - (Plug and Play) making installation easier and faster.
  • Fittings can be installed at the last minute and can be removed or moved without re-wiring, it allows you to change the driver (dimming or non dimming without having to buy a new fitting)
  • LEDlite 600mm x 600mm LED Panel are designed to be fully recessed into a tile grid ceiling system
  • LEDlite 45w panel produces 50% more light at desk height when compared to a conventional 4 x 20w fitting**
  • Replace and reduce the quantity of existing modular fittings
  • Use with Occupancy PIR Switches for more savings.
  • Even and improved light distribution.
  • Instant start, no flicking, no humming.
  • Cool running with no thermal effect
  • Anti-glare
  • Longer life, no maintenance
  • No RF interference.
  • Emergency and Dimmable Options
  • Ideal for corridors, office and ancillary areas
  • 50% Energy Saving (compared with 4 x 20W switch start)**
  • Each panel equivalent to 6 x 18w T8 Tubes Fluorescent
  • Sealed Fitting - Insect Resistant
  • Fitting: 595mm x 595mm x 40mm
  • Driver: - 170 x 50 x 35mm
  • Frame Colour: White
  • Cost Savings EXAMPLE
    Based on 15p per kW/hr - 10 hours use per day
    Office Size - 6Mtr x 7Mtr x 2.4Mtr
    Calculated with Relux lighting design software
  • 6 x LT MOD45CW Panels c/w driver @ £147.00 = £882.00
    After energy saving tax allowance @20% Nett* £705.60
    1st year electricity cost £147.42
    First Year Cost £853.02
  • 9 x 4x18w Fluorescent Modular's @ £22.00 = £198.00
    36 x 18w tubes @ £1.85 £66.60
    1st year electricity cost £388.21
    First Year Cost £652.81
  • 2nd and subsequent years
    Electricity Savings £240.79

  • More Cost Savings
    36 Fluorescent tubes changed every 2 years = £66.60
    Labour if required (approx) = £36.00

  • Improved lighting by using 6 x LT MOD45CW & saving £240
    6 x LT MOD45CW LED fittings - Lux @ desk Height = 406 lux
    9 x 4x18w Switch Start Fittings - Lux @ desk Height = 380 lux
  • *Customers should check with your own accountants to confirm allowance %
    As above with 24hr a day use - Call Centers - would have yearly electricity savings of £577.00

  • Guarantee - 5 Years**
    **General Office Use 12hrs a day


How Many Fittings? IESNA Data File .ies EULUMDAT Data File .ldt Photometric Data 600Kb Pdf
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