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Cool White 5000K

Super Slim LED Modular Fittings
600mm x 600mm
Cool White
LED slim panel light illuminates homogeneously over their surface, producing glare-free bright light.
It is very elegant, with a modern ultra flat design.
Easy to install and maintain.

Ideal for commercial applications
such as office buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls, conference halls and hotels.

External Plug-In Driver - Required for each Panel - See Below
  • All of our LED panels use external driver/power supply - (Plug and Play) making installation easier and faster.
  • Fittings can be installed at the last minute and can be removed or moved without re-wiring, it allows you to change the driver (dimming or non dimming without having to buy a new fitting)
  • LEDlite 600mm x 600mm LED Panel are designed to be fully recessed into a tile grid ceiling system
  • LEDlite 50w panel produces 50% more light at desk height when compared to a conventional 4 x 20w fitting**
  • Replace and reduce the quantity of existing modular fittings
  • Use with Occupancy PIR Switches for more savings.
  • Even and improved light distribution.
  • Instant start, no flicking, no humming.
  • Cool running with no thermal effect
  • Anti-glare
  • Longer life, no maintenance
  • No RF interference.
  • Emergency and Dimmable Options
  • Ideal for corridors, office and ancillary areas
  • 50% Energy Saving (compared with 4 x 20W switch start)**
  • Each panel equivalent to 6 x 18w T8 Tubes Fluorescent
  • Sealed Fitting - Insect Resistant
  • Fitting: 595mm x 595mm x 40mm
  • Driver: - 170 x 50 x 35mm
  • Frame Colour: White
  • Cost Savings EXAMPLE
    Based on 15p per kW/hr - 10 hours use per day
    Office Size - 6Mtr x 7Mtr x 2.4Mtr
    Calculated with Relux lighting design software
  • 6 x LT SP50CW Panels c/w driver @ £64.45 = £386.70
    After energy saving tax allowance @20% Nett* £306.36
    1st year electricity cost £147.42
    First Year Cost £453.56
  • 9 x 4x18w Fluorescent Modular's @ £22.00 = £198.00
    36 x 18w tubes @ £1.85 £66.60
    1st year electricity cost £388.21
    First Year Cost £652.81
  • 2nd and subsequent years
    Electricity Savings £240.79

  • More Cost Savings
    36 Fluorescent tubes changed every 2 years = £66.60
    Labour if required (approx) = £36.00

  • Improved lighting by using 6 x LT SP50CW & saving £240
    6 x LT SP50CW LED fittings - Lux @ desk Height = 406 lux
    9 x 4x18w Switch Start Fittings - Lux @ desk Height = 380 lux
  • *Customers should check with your own accountants to confirm allowance %
    As above with 24hr a day use - Call Centers - would have yearly electricity savings of £577.00

  • Guarantee - 3 Years


How Many Fittings - 580kb PDF IESNA Data File .ies EULUMDAT Data File .ldt Photometrics - 1Mb PDF Data Sheet - 280kb PDF
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Super Slim LED Panel Light 50w - Cool White