Premium Electronic Lighting Transformer 0w - 50w5021575960259YT50LZ

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Supplied with 300mm 12v lead.

Length - 95mm.
Height - 27.5mm.
Width - 41.5mm.
TLC - Premium Electronic Transformer ( 0w - 50w )
The circuits can be loaded up to the total value of the lamps, not to the transformer rating as is usual.

Unique internal architecture enables up to 10 x LT YT50`s to be used on one dimmable circuit
(currently a maximum of 5 transformers per circuit can be used).

Transformer performs from 0W (ie total lamp failure) to its maximum rating and every stage between.

Can be used with dimmable LED lamps which are able to be controlled with a 12Vac input
Perfect compatibility with TLC iQ Dimmers
(Use with TLC silent dimmers when using dimmable LED MR16’s).

Short-circuit protected to insure against clumsy installation. Normal service is resumed when short circuit is removed.

Thermal and Overload protection. Both of these features are fully reversible so as not to damage the transformer or any equipment on the circuit. Ultra-cool running reduces risk of product failure.

Captive screws for ease of installation in tricky areas.

Designed in conjunction with electricians for ease of fitting with particular attention paid to cable termination.

Clear and simple labelling and fitting diagram

Soft start to extend lamp life.

Fully tested and certified.
  • Input voltage 230V 10% /50Hz
  • Input current 0,22A for 50W (25w LED)
  • Power range 50VA: 0-50W
  • Output voltage 11,5V max. 4,3A
  • Power factor > 0,99
  • Ambient temperature 0 - 40°C
  • Insulation class II
  • Casing type EC05
  • Input wire 2 x 0,5 mm2
  • Output wire 2 x 1 mm2
  • Weight 100g
  • IP20 protection
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