80w ECO Tungsten Halogen Lamp Branded = 100w - 78mm - R7s


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Wattage: 80w
Length: 78mm
Voltage: 240v
Equal to 120w

Lumens (lm) 1400

Bell or Sylvania or Crompton

80w ECO Tungsten Halogen Lamp - R7s
Branded = 100w
Double Ended Halogen Lamp for Floodlights and Uplighters

The Halogen DE ECO is a range of Xenon Gas fill, high luminous intensity lamps
which offers same luminous output compared to a standard halogen DE Krypton gas fill lamp,
resulting in 20% ENERGY SAVINGS and reaching energy Class C .

Why Halogen DE ECO?
According to EuP guidelines, from 1st September 2009 onwards, halogen double ended lamps with Energy Class D or
below and having lumen output in the range of >950 lm to < 12000 lm are phased out from the EU market.
So, DE lamps with energy class C or above are only allowed to be placed on the market.
  • 1. Features & Benefits:
  • 1:1 replacement of standard linear double ended halogen lamp.
  • Less energy use: Up to 20% energy saving.
  • Less CO2 emission.
  • Energy class “C”.
  • High lumen efficacy.
  • 2000h average life.
  • Fully dimmable (100%).
  • Patented filament design.
  • 90% Xenon gas fill:
  • i. Xenon is a heavier premium gas fill compared to Krypton and helps to retard the rate of tungsten evaporation.
  • ii. Improve the lamp life.
  • iii. Increase filament temperature - achieves higher efficiency.


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80w ECO Tungsten Halogen Lamp Branded = 100w - 78mm - R7s