4 x 14w HF T5 HF Recessed Sealed Modular - IP54 (Discontinued)

Please try Recessed Modular Fittings 600 x 600 for alternative products.

4 x 14w HF T5 HF Recessed Sealed Modular - IP545055825911463JAV414/T5/TPB

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Cost Recovery
Based on a cost of 11p per kW
and a usage of 60 hours per week (which is low ie office use )
or a shop at 10hrs per day
or go higher for a call centre!

4 x 18w - Yearly savings per fitting
3000hrs - £8
5000hrs - £13

4 x 36w - Yearly savings per fitting
3000hrs - £16
5000hrs - £26

2 x 58w - Yearly savings per fitting
3000hrs - £12
5000hrs - £16

Extra cost of an HF fitting is recovered within one year or less

with 50 HF fittings yearly savings of £400.00+ with 4 x 18w fittings
and £800.00+ with 4 x 36w fittings
4 x 14w HF Recessed Sealed Modular - IP54
High Frequency Fitting

IP54 rated recessed sealed
modular fittings for T5 lamps.

For plasterboard ceilings as standard.
If required for use in any other ceiling type
please contact us for technical advice
    Medical centres
    Food preparation areas
    T5 lamps
    High-frequency control gear
    For plasterboard ceilings.
    Robust steel body
    RAL9010 textured semi-gloss powder coated finish
    IP54 rated to the front face of the fitting
    TP(a) rated polycarbonate panel held in position and sealed with a screwed-down steel frame and gasket
  • Supplied excluding Tubes
  • Benefits of High Frequency Fittings.
  • Flicker free and silent operation.
  • ‘Instant’ starting.
  • Detects failed lamps, no more flashing on and off.
  • Cold starting in sub-zero temperature.
  • No stroboscopic effects.
  • 20-30% saving in running costs.
  • Features of Tri-phosphor Lamps.
  • Tri-phosphor lamps drop to 96% of their original output after about 4000 hours and remain at that level compared to standard lamps which drop to 86% and then down to 74% over the rest of their life.
  • Survival rate of 70% of tri-phosphor tubes after 16,000 hours, compared to 10,000 hours for standard tubes.
  • Approximately 15% increase in light output over standard tubes.
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High Frequency Info - 49Kb pdf HF Benefits - 87kb pdf Line Drawing - 27Kb pdf
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