100 Amp Main Switch for Sentry Consumer Unit50174901956545500S

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The terminals are of a tunnel design and offer a generous cable capacity of 50 mm' for solid stranded conductors and 35 mm' for flexible conductors,
100 Amp Main Switch for Sentry Board
  • The Sentry main switch is designed to accept both cable-in / cable-out and direct to busbar connections.
  • The Sentry main switch may be used as an isolating switch.
  • The Sentry switch disconnecter is capable of switching both resistive and inductive loads
  • The operating dolly is capable of being locked in either the ON or OFF position. When locked in the ON position it will no longer operate as an isolator Positive indication of the opening of the contacts is only given when the green stripe can be seen on the dolly.


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MK 5500

100 Amp Main Switch for Sentry Consumer Unit