Door Bell Transformer for Sentry Consumer Unit


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Bell Transformer terminal capacity:
2.5 mm
Door Bell Transformer for MK Sentry Boards
Bell Transformer with 8 volt 1 Amp output to supply door bell / chime.
It may be mounted within a Sentry Consumer Unit, or within 2 or 4 module enclosures alongside MCBs, RCDs and RCBOs.
  • The Sentry Bell Transformer should always be connected in series with an MCB or other type of protective device of rating not exceeding 6A.
  • When installed in a 230V environment, i.e. inside a consumer unit, the cables used to connect the bell or chime to the transformer must have a 230V rated voltage. If bell wire is used, suitable sleeving must be provided to increase its rating to 230V.
  • The Bell Transformer is of the safety isolating, fail safe type. The construction is all insulated, Class II.
  • As with all Sentry Control Products, the Sentry Bell Transformer has been designed to enable safe, convenient and compact circuit control.


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MK 5711

Door Bell Transformer for Sentry Consumer Unit