20 Amp 2 Pole Contactor Manual Over-Ride - Discontinued

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20 Amp 2 Pole Contactor Manual Over-Ride50174901929506720S

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Contactor terminal capacity,
6 mm

One Module

Current Rating

Heating Load

Motor Load

Lighting Lamps

Fluorescent Load
20 Amp Double Pole Contactor c/w Manual Over-ride
Sentry contactors provide a method of remotely switching higher loads than possible with a time switch or wall switch. In this regard, they are particularly useful for switching heating, lighting and ventilation circuits. in particular when used in conjunction with off-peak supply tariffs.
  • They are suitable for mounting on a standard DIN rail and are therefore fully compatible with all Sentry Consumer Units and small enclosures.
  • When mounted alongside an MCB or when 2 Contactors are side by side, An MK5544 blank is required.
  • MANUAL OVERRIDE (6720s only)
  • An extra function is offered by the Sentry Contactor with manual override. This performs in the same way, but has a switch on the front face to give the following extra facilities:
  • 1. AUTO START MODE-This gives the same performance as above.
  • 2. 'STOP' (0)-In this position the user is able to switch the load off when required, e.g. during periods of absence. The load remains off until manually reset.
  • 3. MANUAL START MODE (1)-A manual override which allows the load to be energised outside the normal timed period when required. When the contactor is used via an MK Time Switch or by an REC supply meter, the override switch can either be reset manually or allowed to return to the 'auto' position at the commencement of the next timed period. During the 'manual' period, electricity will be used at the standard rate.
  • 4.'PERMANENTLY ON' MODE-The manual override switch features a locking mechanism which allows the contactor to be fixed in a 'permanently ‘on' state. Note this will not now reset at the commencement of the next timed period.


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