Adaptacut 20mm PVC Conduit Cutter - Discontinued

Adaptacut 20mm PVC Conduit CutterADAPTACUT20

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Adaptacut 20mm PVC Conduit Cutter
Making conduit cutting even quicker, easier and neater,
Adaptacut™ from Adaptaflex, can significantly help reduce installation times for rigid and flexible conduit systems

Specifically engineered to allow for easy cutting of rigid PVC and flexible nylon conduit,
Adaptacut is a simple, single handed, quick and easy cutting tool that is sure to become
an essential piece of kit for all electricians and installation engineers.

The clever compact design means that it is light, fits easily in a toolbox and is simple to use,
whilst the unique finger guard ensures that there is no unnecessary risk to the user.

Safe and professional, the device fits directly and comfortably around the conduit pipe,
making it ideal for use in confined spaces.

With a firm grip and 1-2 simple rotations, the Adaptacut will produce an effortless clean cut,
time and time again without damaging the conduit.
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product photo MT CUT20 Adaptacut 20mm PVC Conduit Cutter