Mast Head Amp Wide Band 16dB5050171030974CM7266 / 27831R

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Mast Head Amp
Wide Band 16dB
Mast head Tv Pre-amplifier

for use in areas of poor signal strength or

When extra signal strength is required to distribute to multiple TV's or

suitable for long downlead runs and when followed by
a passive splitter to feed additional outlets
  • Built in Tetra filter
  • Weatherproof outer plastic housing with foam cable seal
  • Fully screened, sealed die-cast modules
  • F-connectors throughout: IEC60169-24
  • Ideal for digital TV
  • Fixing Options: Standard cable tie mast mount or flat surface fix
  • Earth bonding terminals
  • Operating frequency: 470-862MHz
  • Inputs:1 Outputs:1
  • Gain UHF ‹2dB flatness: 16dB
  • Filter rejection dc. 400MHz: >25dB
  • Noise figure: <2dB
  • Input return loss: 9dB
  • Input signal handling: 80dBµV
  • Output signal handling: 96dBµV
  • Output return loss: 9dB
  • Power 12VDC: 25mA
  • EMC Compliance: EN50083-2
  • Operating temp: -10°C to +40°C
  • for use with MX200 Power supply
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