3 Way Switchable Scart Splitter 0.5m Lead505017104694418265R

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Home Cinema
3 Way Switchable Scart Splitter 0.5m Lead
Home Cinema Scart Splitter Block
Stylishly designed Scart Splitter block with gold-plated contacts and grip-lock Scart Plug
Video and Stereo audio bi-directional with 0.5m lead
Enjoy watching a video cassettes, DVDs, camcorder recordings
or gaming consoles without having to disconnect/reconnect equipment each time
Allows viewing while recording from a different source
Record between two different VCRs, even if the television only has one Scart socket
Gold-plated connectors for maximum contact and signal transfer
  • Scart to 3 Scart sockets
    Individually Switchable
    2 Phono audio outputs
    (The Phono sockets allow stereo output from TV/VCR/DVD etc. to Hi-Fi Systems
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