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Brown Brick Burst Cover,
for covering break out after Drilling.
Cable Entry Covers
Suitable for Coaxial, Satellite & Electrical Cables

Exterior Wall Covers for protecting cable Entry on external walls also hides any Broken or Chipped Bricks
as well as helping to prevent water ingress particularly when drilling has caused the brick to burst.

The cover is placed over the cable entry point on the external wall.
Fix with adhesive like silicone or 'Gripfill' to fix the plate to the wall.
The nose can hide 4 x 7mm cables.
  • A simple plastic Wall Entry Shroud
  • 100mm x 100 mm square,
  • 30mm x 30mm outlet
  • Hides untidy holes drilled in the wall.
  • Can be glued in place with silicone adhesive.
  • Ideal for covering/sealing multi cable entry holes
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Cable Entry Covers