4 Way Compact Amplifier for Sky Receiver 5050171061527LDL104R

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4 Way Compact Amplifier
for Sky Receiver
Labgear compact DigiLink amplifiers are designed to be powered
from the RF2 output of your Sky™ satellite receiver
and extend your system to 4 rooms instead of just 1
  • Powered from the RF2 output on your Sky™ satellite receiver
  • 4 outputs
  • Gain per port 8dB
  • Noise figure <3.5dB
  • All ports IR enabled
  • F type connections
  • Dimensions: 92 x 77 x 27mm (LDL102R), 92 x 104.5 x 27mm (LDL104R)
  • Socket for optional 9VDC 50mA alternative power supply (not included)
  • Removable fixing bracket
  • Operating frequency UHF470 - 862MHz
  • Return path frequency range 5-25MHz
  • UHF/FM/DAB gain per port 8dB
  • Return path gain 6dB
  • Inputs 1
  • Outputs 4
  • Max output level (IMA3-60dB) 89dBµV
  • Noise figure 3.5~4.5dB
  • Power input required 9V DC 50mA (RF2 line power) (not supplied)
  • Power for remote IR receivers, via output 9V DC @15mA per outlet


Installation 504kb pdf
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4 Way Compact Amplifier for Sky Receiver