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265 x 95 x 35mm.
12 Way Diglink Amplifier
c/w 4G Filter
Even if you are building a larger system
you can still have DigiLink channel changing on each of the rooms connected
with these professional specification metal case distribution amplifiers.

These amplifiers are ideal for use in larger digital satellite home or multiple flat installations,
where the output from the receiver can be distributed to several rooms over coax cable
with the capability for full remote control of the digibox in these rooms.

The addition of DigiLink infra red extenders in the relevant rooms completes the installation.

Please note extra remote controls may be required and rooms without a Digilink installed
will receive the satellite signal but wont have the capability to control the receiver.

Can also be used to distribute TV (Freeview) signals directly from a TV aerial.

To prevent interference built in filtering removes any signals from
LTE 800 4G mobile phone transmitters picked up by the attached aerial.
  • Separate inputs for UHF 470-4790Mhz and FM/DAB 88-230MHz aerial signals
  • Built in filter to prevent interference from LTE800 4G transmitters
  • Gain per port 10dB
  • Noise figure <3.5dB
  • Return path gives the option for DigiLink or standard signal distribution
  • All ports IR enabled - 9V 15mA short circuit protected
  • Also suitable for distribution of satellite signals from I/O port on more recent digiboxes when used with MRX600 converter
  • Fully screened metal case.
  • Built in switch mode 220-240V~50Hz power supply
  • All ports IR enabled 9V 15mA short circuit protected
  • Built-in Power supply 220-240V~50Hz at <3W
  • Operating frequency UHF 470 - 790MHz
  • Return path frequency range 5-15MHz
  • FM/DAB frequency range 47-230MHz
  • UHF/FM/DAB gain per port 10dB
  • Return path gain "-2dB"
  • Inputs 2
  • Outputs 12
  • Max output level (IMA3-60dB) >108dBuv
  • Noise figure <3.5dB
  • Return loss input/output 10dB/10dB
  • Isolation out/out 25dB
  • Connectors F-type


Installation 439kb pdf
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12 Way Diglink Amplifier c/w 4G Filter