Adaptor for Extra Tv Aerial - Discontinued

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Adaptor for Extra Tv Aerial148.603


Adaptor for Extra Tv Aerial
for use with Powerlink Linkamp
  • AERIAL LINK 1. Combines two TV Aerials when each aerial is receiving signals from two different transmitters. GROUP A (CH 21 - 38 ) to Groups B/CD~IE ( CH 39 - 69 )
  • If the Power Link is used for Amplification, one Aerial may not require power, in this case the Aerial Link I is fitted after the Power Link, please see packaging for details. AERIAL LINK 2. Combines a TV signal either from an Aerial or from the Aerial Link I with a FM Radio or VHF TV Aerial. When distributing FM Radio + Video/Satellite some U.K. Videos do not pass FM/VHF signals, so it is best to use the Aerial Link 2 after the Video, please see packaging for details. AERIAL LINKS do not need Power to combine, so they can be installed anywhere in the home that is convenient, in most cases the nearer you install to the signal source (Aerials) the better the signal.
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