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Power Link Amplifier for 1st Tv148.600

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Power Link Amplifier for 1st Tv
  • The POWER LINK requires mains power and is designed for continuous use, using .0021 units of electricity per hour, injecting power and amplification to the system if needed. ( up to 26 dB gain )
  • The Power Link is unique in that it has two outputs, one side output that is Low Gain, and one bottom output that is High Gain.
  • The High Gain bottom output can either act as a very high amp for boosting one TV in very weak areas, or in average areas distribute up to 16 TV Points (Approx maximum 100m Coaxial Cable).
  • The Low Gain side output can be used to drive a TV or another Power Link, when driving a TV this allows you to use an existing Power Point behind the TV and link via the High Gain output one coaxial lead to where you have decided to install your TV Link. In this type of fitting if you were to install the Power Link between your Video and TV then you can send Video + TV + Satellite or Cable TV to all your TV Points.
  • When distributing Video + Satellite if you have this, parental control is easy, as not only is the Video in your main lounge, you can at any time change channels on any TV to see what Video and Satellite channels showing.
  • Please consult the Power Link packaging for further information.
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