13dB Gain Two Way Masthead UHF Pre-Amp5050171062708LMA209R

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13dB Gain Two Way Masthead UHF Pre-Amp
  • 1 input and 2 outputs with filtering to prevent interference from LTE800 4G transmitters
  • Lifts signal to feed an extra point and overcome loss in cables
  • Operating frequency 470-790MHz
  • Easy to install, nothing to adjust
  • Gain per port 9dB
  • Noise figure <1.7dB
  • Fully screened module tilts-out to make cable connection simpler
  • Heavy duty metal mast clamp for sturdy fitting
  • New weatherproof housing with foam seal
  • Dimensions 140 x 95 x 55mm
  • Frequency range: 470 - 782MHz
  • Gain: 10dB
  • Noise figure: 2dB
  • Isolation: 15dB
  • RED & EMC compliant
  • Power input required 12VDC 30 - 35mA


Installation 914kb pdf
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13dB Gain Two Way Masthead UHF Pre-Amp