UHF Mini RF Modulator (Discontinued)

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UHF Mini RF Modulator5050171036839MOD111

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Dimensions (WxHxD):
132mm x 33mm x 103mm
UHF Mini RF Modulator
UHF Mini RF Modulator – PAL-1/PAL BG

This new compact unit with SCART AV Input and F-Aerial Connections allows you to modulate your DVD or CCTV signal, so that it can be distributed around your home.
It can be piggy-backed to use more than one signal.
The unit has an accurate digitally displayed channel selection, Channels 21 to 69.
The SCART input diminishes connection errors and the F-type aerial connectors
provide solid and professional connections.
It is PAL-I/BG/K Switchable for UK/continental use, and has an adjustable video output level, 65-85dBµv.
  • Loop through
  • LED digital display
  • RF output level control
  • Software Switchable
  • PAL B/G, PAL-I & PAL-K
  • Fully compatible with CCTV cameras
  • Comes complete with:
    Power adaptor (9VDC/300mA)
  • SCART to SCART cable
  • SCART to phono adaptor
  • BNC to phono adaptor
  • User Guide


Data Guide - 650kb pdf
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UHF Mini RF Modulator