Adaptor for Extra 3 TVs - Discontinued

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Adaptor for Extra 3 TVs148.612

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Adaptor for Extra 3 TVs
for use with Powerlink Linkamp
  • TV Links distribute the signal to extra TVs, they do not require power so they can be installed in any convenient location for your Coaxial Cables i.e. Loft, Hall, Cupboard etc.
  • The TV Link 2 can also be used as a T junction with either of its outlets running a TV on its own or any of the 2/3/4 & 8 TV Link models, this way you can mix and match to your exact needs up to 16/17 TV Points.
  • If you need to expand the system in the future, then all you need to do is create a T junction or update your TV Link, this saves on the expense of fitting a completely new Amplifier.
  • Please remember that when distributing Video/Satellite the TV nearest to the Video is run from the side output of the Power Link, so the Tv Link you choose is for extra TV sets.
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