10w ES Electronic Energy Saving Globe Lamp - Discontinued

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10w ES Electronic Energy Saving Globe Lamp0EFG10ES

Energy saving lamps are unsuitable for use where the lamp must be frequently turned on and off MUST NOT be used with dimmers.

Panasonics Decor Globe lamps are a feature in themselves.
10w ES Electronic Energy Saving Globe Lamp
Panasonic compact and lightweight electronic energy saving lamps have non flicker instant starting.
The unique diffuser creates a comfortable atmosphere in the home and office by using colour rendering properties developed by Panasonic which increase the colour balance which has been enhanced for greater brightness.
Longer lasting ( up to 10 times ) than GLS.
The energy efficient EFG lamps use approx. 80% electricity.
  • Gls Lamp - Dia 60mm - Length 110mm
  • EFG10 - Dia 95mm - Length 132mm
  • EFG10 is comparable to a 60w GLS lamp
  • Electricity cost for running the following lamps or 8,000 hrs ( approx ) is only shown as a guide.
  • Standard 60w GLS lamp £43
  • Energy saving = £17
  • Standard 100w GLS lamp £68
  • Energy saving = £22


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