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Battery Type CHARGE TIME Ni-Cd
AAA 180mAh 2-5hrs
AA 500mAh 5-8hrs
C 1200mAh 10-20hrs
D 1200mAh12-25hrs
9V Block 100mAh 5-11hrs

Battery Type CHARGING TIME Ni-Mh
AAA 550mAh 6-10hrs
AA 1200mAh 10-20hrs
C 1800mAh 15-25hrs
D 2000mAh 20-30hrs
9V Block 140mAh 8-15hrs

Ni-Cd Discharge time
The discharge time depends on the battery capacity and condition. 9V battery can not be discharged.
Basic Universal Battery Re Charger
Charges 4 x RX6 or RX14 or RX20 1 x RX22 or combination.
Complete with plug and lead
Batteries not included
  • Operating Instructions:
    1) Insert the AC power supply cord into mains.
    2) For Charging: Switch the function switch on the unit to the charge position. The individual red LED will light up when batteries are inserted into the corresponding slot to indicate charging is in progress.
    3) For Testing: Switch the function switch on the unit to the “test” position. The red LED in the first slot (closest to the function switch) will turn off. Insert the battery To be tested into the first slot. The battery test lamp will light up to indicate the Strength of the battery (very dark/no light for no power; very bright for lots of Power). Otherwise, the LED will not light up. Batteries at other slots will continue to be charged.
    4) For Discharging: Switch the function switch on the unit to the “discharge” position.
    (Please note that this charger cannot discharge 9V batteries). All the red LEDs (with the exception of the ones for the 9V batteries) will go off to indicate batteries are in discharge mode.
    5) Please note that this is not an automatic charger. The charger does not switch to charge mode automatically after discharge. To check if the batteries are fully discharged, use the “test” feature.
  • Warning:
    For indoor use only
    This charger cannot be used with non-rechargeable batteries.
    A) Slide the SWITCH to charging position.
    B) Batteries must be inserted properly for good contact and correct (+) and (-) polarity Direction.
    C) Insert plug into wall outlet.
    D) RED LED charging light” goes on to indicate proper charging.
    E) Do not overcharge your batteries beyond charging periods recommended for each type.
    A) Only this slot close to SWITCH can test battery and only also test 1.2V batteries (AAA,AAC or D cells) higher voltage batteries will burn out tester bulb.
    B) Tester only operates when SWITCH in test position.
    C) REMEMBER; You first determine if a battery is rechargeable by testing it. If the Test Indicator “ glows weakly, the battery can be recharged.
    D) When charging period is completed, if a battery does not brightly light the “Test Indicator” discard it.
    by Slide SWITCH to discharge position.
  • NOTE: Discharging is to eliminate Ni-Cd battery memory,
    Ni-MH battery need not discharge.
  • RED LED does not light during discharging, Judge if battery is discharged completely by testing it.
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Basic Universal Battery Re Charger