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Plug In Battery Re Charger0690.182 / HP011

120mA 4 Channels 1-4pcs Plug- in
AA Ni-Cd & Ni-Mh Battery Charger
This EcoCharge is our newest series of compact standard charger for
Ni- Cd/Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. This charger is user-friendly,
as it is designed with ease of use in mind.

Batteries not included
  • Charges 1 - 4 RX6 batteries
  • Plugs directly in to 13amp socket.
  • Battery Type CHARGE TIME Ni-Cd
    AA 500mAh - 6hrs
    AA 700mAh - 9hrs
  • Battery Type CHARGING TIME Ni-Mh
    AA 1200mAh - 14hrs
    AA 1500mAh - 16hrs
  • Technical specification:
    Input Voltage: 230V AC, 50 Hz
    Input power: 5W
    Charge Current: 120mA
    Output : 4X (1.4V--- 120mA) 0.67VA
  • Instruction:
    1) Read instruction before charging your battery.
    2) Insert 1 – 4 pcs of battery(ies) into the charger
    3) Insert the charger into the AC outlet, and the red
    LED lights to indicate charging is in progress.
    4) Please study the given charging timetable for the required charging time. Please notice that this timetable is for reference only. Charging time may vary differently for different brands of batteries.
    5) After the charging time indicated, remove the charger from the AC outlet, and then remove the battery(ies) from the charger.
  • Warning:
    1) For indoor use only!
    2) For use with rechargeable batteries only!
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Plug In Battery Re Charger


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