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Length: - 25 Mts
Cable - 1.5mm 3 core
Max load: - 16 Amps un-wound
25M 1.5 Extension Reel - 110 volt
With non-turning socket system for comfortable working.
No more dangerous twisting of connected appliances when winding or unwinding.
No more plugging in or out when moving the cable reel.
Avoids a lot of unnecessary work.
With twin socket 110 V/16 A.
With new cable guide handle.

The centre of the cable reel's future.
Innovative brennenstuhl® Bretec rotary contact technology.
The cable reel runs separately from the plug unit and/or from the power plug connection.

This provides more all-round security without any dangerous interwoven turning of power cables from electric devices.
Puts a stop to the danger of damaging the cable coverings and copper wiring.
More all-round comfort and speed.
Bretec. Finally a problem-free roll-up with connected electric devices.
  • 1.5mm 3 core flex
  • Twin 16 amp socket outlets
  • 16 amp plug
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SE CR251.5/110V

25M 1.5 110v Extension Reel