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Choice 3 Channel Central Heating Programmer
24hr 5/2 day 7 day
The Choice PR3n is a three channel programmer, offering three completely independent time controlled channels. Ideal for control of 2 individual heating zones and separate hot water control.

The multi-channel capabilities enables installers to comply with Part L of the amended Building
Regulations by providing separate time and heating control for living and sleeping areas whilst also providing timed control of hot water.

The programmer can be configured for 24 hour, 5/2 day or 7 day operation, and the flexibility of up to three on/off timings per day

Choice PR3n fits most common industry standard backplates, which means it will replace most
equivalent programmers on the market. It has the ability to control two heating zones, as well as hot water.

The Choice PR3 is the ideal programmer to meet the requirements of Building Regulations Part L for dwellings over 150m2 (Part J in Scotland and Part F in Northern Ireland)
  • 24 hour, 5/2 day and 7 day selectable
  • 2 or 3 ON/OFF periods selectable
  • 1,2 or 3 hour boost
  • Advance to next programmed event
  • Automatic Summer/Winter time change
  • Factory set time & date
  • Program options - ON, OFF, All day or Auto
  • Mains powered with battery backup
  • Standard wall plate - simple plug in and replace
  • Suitable for pumped heating systems


PR3N Date Sheet - 259kb PR3N Instructions - 623kb
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Sangamo Central Heating Programmer - 3 Channel 24hr 5/2day 7day