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High Grade Smoke Fluid 5 litres
High grade smoke fluid specially formulated to give a longer lasting effect compared to standard smoke fluid.

Designed for use for all makes of smoke/fog machine up to 900W giving high performance
while leaving no residue from this non-toxic, water based fluid.
  • High performance, longer lasting effect
  • Suitable for all manufacturers of smoke/fog machines with power rating up to 900W
  • Leave no residue
  • Non-toxic solution
  • Suitable for use with QTX Light FX smoke machines: QTFX-700 and QTFX-900
  • Density - Medium
  • Colour of fog - White
  • Dispersion - Slow
  • Stability - Good


Smoke Fluid Data Sheet - 28kb - pdf
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High Grade Smoke Fluid 5 litres