80 LED Mini Bauble Static Interior Lights - Cool White (Discontinued)

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Bauble Dia: 18mm

Temporary outdoor use for the festive season

Constructed from PVC cable and double insulated and can be used outdoors
but due to their construction, they are not designed for permanent installation outdoors.
80 LED Mini Bauble Lights
Interior / Outdoor - Cool White
A range of mini bauble LED string lights ideal for decoration at events, around the home, or for Christmas.

The high quality LEDs have a long lifespan and are energy efficient.
The string lights are terminated with a male connector,
which allows the lights to be extended up to 6 sets from one mains plug.
  • Static light output from single colour versions
  • Slow glow colour changing from the multi-coloured RGB version
  • Mains plug to first LED: 5.5m
  • Power supply: 230Vac, 50Hz
  • Power consumption: 3.5W
  • No. of LEDs: 80
  • Bulb: 18mmØ
  • LED spacing: 150mm
  • LED length: 12m
  • Total length: approx. 17.5m
  • IP rating: IP20
  • PVC Cable: Dark green
  • Maximum set connection: 6 sets
  • Weight: 1.06kg
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80 LED Mini Bauble Static Interior Lights - Cool White