630mm Compact Plate Axial Fans - IP6584138930708075603641100

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Also known as
Vent Axia - SMP630-14

Speed:1200 (r.p.m.)
Maximum: 1700 watts
Sound: 72 (dB(A))
Maximum: 17060 (m3/h)

Plate - 800mm x 800mm
Soler & Palou
630mm Compact Plate Axial Fans - Single phase; 4 Pole 240v - IP65
(Aluminium Impellers)
Range of low profile plate mounted axial fans fitted with aluminium impellers

Applications - Warehouses, Workshops, Commercial Premises, Car Parks,
Greenhouses, Agricultural Extract, Painting Installations, Air conditioning Equipment

Previously Branded Vent Axia - SMP630-14
  • Compact design created by the combination of the motor with the factory matched direct drive wrap around impeller hub.
  • Wiring terminal box with cable gland PG-11
  • Mounting plate, motor support and finger proof guard protected by cataforesis primer and black polyester paint finish. Stainless steel screws
  • Impellers are dynamically balanced, ccording to ISO 1940 standard, giving vibration free operation
  • All the motors are IP65, Class F insulation, equipped with thermal protection.
  • Electrical supply: Single phase 230V-50Hz
Extended range: - Please allow 1 or 2 days for stock transfer


Plate Axial Fans - 500kb pdf
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SL HCBB/4/630/H

630mm Compact Plate Axial Fans - IP65 Extended Range*