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Airflow; 280 m3/hr

Power Consumption
29 watts Max

Very Low Noise
32.0 dB (A)

Face Plate
214mm Sq x 35mm deep
Soler & Palau
Silent 300 Wall & Ceiling Extractor Fans
with Shutter & Humidistat
Range of axial extractors with airflow rates of approx.
280 m3/h, for connection to 150 mm diameter circular ducting.

Motor mounted on silent-elastic-blocks which absorb the vibrations and offer a very low noise level.
All the fans are manufactured from injection moulded plastic, fitted with automatic shutter and
class B low consumption motor equipped with overload thermal protection.

All the fans are class II insulation, IP45 rated and suitable to operate with air temperatures up to 40oC.
Ball race bearings ensure long life at any mounting angle.
  • In most extract fans the vibration is transmitted to the surrounding areas while in SILENT extractor fans the vibrations are absorbed by acoustic mounting blocks.
  • 6" Flat Ducting (optional):
    6 inch Flat Ducting
  • 6" Round Ducting (optional)
    6 inch Round Ducting
  • Adjustable electronic humidistat which can be adjusted from 60 to 90% RH'.
  • The extractor operates automatically when the humidity level in the room is higher than the set level. The extractor will stop automatically when the humidity drops below the selected level and after the selected period set on the adjustable timer - Adjustable between 1 and 30 minutes..
  • *Relative Humidity


IP Rating Chart Silent Range - 1.3Mb pdf Fan Size Calculator
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Silent 300 CHZ Extractor Fan with Shutter & Humidistat