24 Hour / 7 Day Security Light Switch - Discontinued

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24 Hour / 7 Day Security Light Switch5012483007280ZV700

24Hr / 7 Day Digital Security Light Switch
A 24hr/7 day digital light switch which will automatically turn filament, fluorescent, low energy and low voltage lights ON & OFF at pre-programmed times. A total of 6 ON and 6 OFF independent switching commands can be set to operate over all weekdays, both weekend days, all 7 days (24hr operation) or on individual days. An optional dusk start feature turns lights ON at dusk and OFF at a programmed time.
  • Simple to programme and operate.
  • 6 ON/OFF switching programmes.
  • Suitable for filament, fluorescent, low energy and low voltage lighting.
  • Three position slide switch allows manual operation, auto operation with timed ON's and OFF's or auto and photocell operation giving dusk start and timed OFF with additional timed ON's and OFF's if required.
  • Inbuilt 1000hrs rechargeable battery retains programmes and clock times during power failure.
  • Replaces any conventional single gang (ON/OFF & 2 way) light switch.
  • Slim and tidy with concealed front panel.
  • Controls up to 300W of filament lighting, a 20 or 25W low energy lamp, up to 76W of fluorescent lighting and up to 200W of low voltage lighting.
  • Can also be used as a normal ON/OFF switch.
  • Specifications
    Switch Type: Single Gang
  • Max Lamp Size: 40W Min up to Max 300W
    Low Voltage Lighting 20W to 200W
  • Light Level Sensing: Yes
  • Light on Time Adjustable: Yes
  • Concealed Front Panel: Yes
  • Fluorescent & Low Energy Lighting: 20W or 25W Low Energy Lamp 76W Fluorescent 200W Low Voltage
  • Conforms To Directives: 73/23/EEC; 89/336/EEC
  • Dimensions (mm): Height (Open) 115, Height (Closed) 86, Width 86, Depth 50

    Note: Cannot be used with dimmer switches in two way switching systems or replace an intermediate switch in three or more way switching systems. *ZV210, 215, 420, 510 can only be used with fluorescent lighting in con junction with FLA01 Strip Light Adaptor. ZV700 is suitable for low energy, fluorescent & low voltage lighting. Low energy lighting can also be controlled by ZV210, 215, 420, 510, in conjunction with the FLA01 if mounting space for the adaptor is available. ZV410 CANNOT be used with fluorescent lighting or low energy lamps.


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SM ZV700

24 Hour / 7 Day Security Light Switch


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