Aquapoint IV Smart Unvented 80Litre Overbasin5036764323937AP480S

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Width: 420mm.
Depth: 445mm.
Height: 950mm.

Weight: 31.0kg.
(Without Water)

Weight: 111.0kg.
(With Full Capacity)
Zip Aquapoint IV
Smart Unvented 80Litre Water Heater
Zip Aquapoint 4 is a direct, unvented, water heater.
Utilising a direct mains water supply and designed to
provide hot water to single or multiple outlets.

Available in 80 and 100 litre capacities, the
latest range of Aquapoints feature SmartEco, learning
functionality to achieve improved energy efficiency.

The unit is designed to be wall-mounted, with
connections at the bottom.

All accessories and fitting kit are supplied.

Power Rating: 2 kW.

Max Capacity: 78.80 Litres.

Re-heat Time: 2 hours, 37 minutes.
  • Enamel lined steel inner container: Tested to 13 bar.
  • Sacrificial anode: For protection against corrosion.
  • Smart panel control: EcoSmart.
  • External temperature control: With frost protection.
  • Insulation: High performance foam.
  • P & T valve: Factory fitted.
  • Element: Direct heat element.
  • Approvals: CE endorsed.
  • Anti-Legionella function: Heats to 70°C for 120 mins every 14 days.


480S & 4100S Instructions 1.7mb 480S Datasheet 310kb
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Aquapoint IV Smart Unvented 80Litre Overbasin