Cistern Type Water Heater 25 Litre 3kW - Discontinued

Cistern Type Water Heater 25 Litre 3kW0RCH25

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Width: 470mm
Depth: 210mm
Height: 735mm
Weight Empty: 20kg
Weight Full: 53kg

Water Storage
Hot: 25 Litres
Cold: 8 Litres
Cistern Type
Storage Water Heater 25 Litre 3kW
  • TYPE: Rectangular combination
  • CAPACITY: 25 Litres
  • LOADING: 3kw
  • HEATING ELEMENT: Embedded Rod type
  • THERMOSTAT: Adjustable Rod type range 5°C - 65°C
  • WATER TANK: Hot water storage and cold water feed tanks are both manufactured from copper sheath with brazed seams
  • CASING: Corrosion proofed steel, white enamel finish.
  • INSULATION: 25mm foiled urethane core slab fully fire retardant.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Master resettable rod type thermostat set of 80°C
  • APPROVALS: CE endorsed.
  • LOCATION: Wall fixing using the integral wall mounting bracket and fixing point.
  • It is Important to ensure that the wall is sufficiently strong to carry the weight of the water when full
  • The unit should be installed a minimum of 1 metre above the highest draw-off point. Sufficient distance must be allowed at the top of the unit for access to the ball valve and at the bottom to allow the withdrawal of the heating element.
  • PLUMBING: Cold inlet 1/2" bsp Left/right hand connection.
  • Hot outlet 22mm compression fitting
  • Drain connection supplied and fitted.
  • Ball valve assembly is for mains pressure operation, brass body construction to BS1212-2.
  • Should be installed to comply with bylaw 30. Overflow 22mm left or right hand connection
  • ELECTRICAL CONNECTION: Must be wired to a 13 Amp double pole fused switch


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Cistern Type Water Heater 25 Litre 3kW