Optional Wireless Control for CEX-O & CEX-U (Discontinued)

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Optional Wireless Control for CEX-O & CEX-U5036764851188ZL016

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W: 125mm
H: 58mm
D: 19mm
Wireless Remote Control FX
for CEX-O & CEX-U Electronic Instantaneous Water Heaters
The FX remote control enables a most convenient operation
for CEX-O & CEX-U Electronic Instantaneous Water Heaters
even if the unit is installed inside a kitchen cabinet or unreachable hidden behind panels, ceilings etc.
Irrespective of location within a 10 m control range, the user can adjust temperature
and memory settings from the remote towards the heater.
The remote control gives the user complete operation control over the water heater,
irrespective of a stone or wooden wall in between provided a strong enough signal can be transmitted.
  • Wireless remote control for instantaneous water heaters models listed below
  • Flexible temperature selection by up and down buttons, extended with memory buttons for two independent presentable temperature values
  • LCD display
  • Bi-directional signal between heater and remote unit with equal display appearance
  • For optimum function, operational with one heater only
  • Transmitter to be easily adopted inside the heater
  • Wireless remote control, operational for below listed heaters only
  • Batteries (2 × AAA Type) included with each FX unit
  • Holder is provided
  • Transmission range 10 m incl. barrier
  • Transmission power max. 1 mW 3)
  • Transmission and receiving frequency 868.3 MHz


Install & Operating Instructions 401Kb pdf
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SO ZL016

Optional Wireless Control for CEX-O & CEX-U