Sterling Safety Trainer Size11 - Discontinued

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Sterling Safety Trainer Size110SS811SM Size 11

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Sterling - Trainer

Size 11
Sterling Trainers are classed as B, S, & P Basic Safety and the P stands for Penetration Resistant. This is the inclusion of a Steel Plate to the soling area to withstand the penetration of nails and other sharp objects penetrating the sole, so protecting the wearer's foot.

The Footwear also conforms to the following:
  • The Steel toe cap are resistant to 200 Joules toe protection.
  • The Steel toe cap is compression tested to withstand a minimum of 15,000 Newton's. The Equivalent to over 1 tonne.
  • The leather is tested for tear strength to withstand a minimum of 120 Newton's.
  • The outsole is tested for tear strength and abrasion resistance.
  • The outsole is resistant to fuel oil.
  • The outsole is resistant to hot contact ( 300 degrees C ).
  • Black Silver Sports Trainer (SB,P)
  • Suede/Mesh Upper
  • Steel Midsole
  • Lightweight Oil & Acid Resistant EVA/Rubber Outsole
  • Comfort Insock


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SS 811SM11

Sterling Safety Trainer Size11

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