Steinel XLed Home Sensor Floodlight - Black - Discontinued

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Steinel XLed Home Sensor Floodlight - Black4007841002695Xled Home1 Black

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Dimensions (hxwxd)
210mm x 175mm x 180 mm
Steinel XLed
12w Home LED Sensor Floodlight - Black
STEINEL brings tomorrow's technology to your home today.
The XLed Home floodlight with its 192 LEDs ensures perfect illumination with a sensationally low energy requirement.

The new hi-tech floodlight requires less than 12 watts to immerse its surroundings in dazzling light.
Its incredibly high level of efficiency is made possible by using 192 LEDs for light and an innovative control system.
These modern components come with a further major advantage: compared with halogen or filament bulbs, their life is virtually unlimited.
Their life span is enhanced by STEINEL's Active-Thermo-Control technology that protects the LEDs from overheating.

As the floodlight emits only a fraction of the heat conventional floodlight do,
it can be installed without a problem under porches.
Adjusting in all directions, the light panel can be aimed perfectly at the area you wish to illuminate.

Intelligent lighting control is provided by STEINEL's IR-Sensor technology
that has been tried and proven in millions of applications and also featured in the IS 140-2 motion detector.
The combination of LED technology and sensor control produces a saving of 90% over conventional halogen floodlights.
  • Output - 192 LEDs, approx. 14.8w, 720 Lumen
  • Lifespan of LEDs: up to 50.000 hrs.
  • Voltage - 230 – 240 V/50 Hz
  • Floodlight posit. Range - 180° horizontally, 120° vertically
  • Detection angle - 140° with sneak-by guard
  • Sensor positioning range 180° horizontally, 90° vertically
  • Link upto 4 Slave floodlights STXLEDH1B
  • 90% energy saving
  • Active Thermo-Control
  • Detection reach - 14 m max. (temperature-stabilised)
  • Light colour: 6700k
  • Twilight setting - 2 – 2000 lux
  • Time setting - 8 sec. – 35 min.
  • Enclosure - IP 44
  • Protection class - I
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Steinel XLed Home Sensor Floodlight - Black