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c/w 2mt Lead
6 Way Enhanced Audio Visual
Surge & Mains Interference Protector
c/w 2mt Lead
Specially designed for TVs and other Audio Visual equipment
this device combines our Ultra-Dam Surge Protection and Radio Frequency Interference rejection system
protecting delicate circuits from surges and spikes in the mains while helping to keep your sounds
and images free from unwanted Radio Frequency Interference radiated through the mains supply from other appliances.

Several features have been incorporated to optimize the protection of Audio Visual equipment.
  • Metal oxide semi-conductors absorb any unwanted energy. Maximum Surge: 4500 Amps.
  • Gas Tube Ionization device used between L-E and N-E for end user safety.
  • EU safety standard EN-60950-1;2006+A12;2011
  • Surge protection status light: The green light ‘on’ indicates that your equipment is protected.
  • Incorporates Thermal Fusing. Will prevent the circuit from overloading which can be a fire hazard.
  • RFI -Noise Reduction filter clamped around the mains cable for suppression of High Frequency noise being transmitted through the mains Lead to your equipment.
  • RFI- Delta Network Technology embedded in the circuit helps prevent unwanted Frequencies emanating from the mains interfering with your equipment.
  • Maximum Surge: 4500 Amps
  • Protected: L-N, L-E, N-E
  • RFI- Delta network: X1= 0.1µf, X2= 2 x 5000 pF
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