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6 Way Switched Trailing Socket
Surge Protected
Now you can switch individual sockets on or off from a Surge Protection socket.
Devised to cater for the growing demand by Government
and other Green/Carbon reduction advice websites to switch products off at the mains
ensuring that energy isn’t leaking away unnecessarily.
Many appliances on standby, and specially those with a charger or external power pack,
may still use power unless turned off at the plug.

Also allowing switching products on/off in sequence for technical reasons.
  • Individual switchesSix , one per socket
  • Voltage 240 V
  • Current 13A
  • ProtectedL-N
  • Max Surge 4500A ( 1 time) 2500A ( 2 times)
  • Max Energy396 Joules
  • Surge status indicater Green light=OK
  • Mains flex: 2 Metres
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product photo TA CS924N 6 Way Switched Trailing Socket - Surge Protected