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Quote from What Hi Fi Magazine
(Awarded 5 stars)

This six way conditioner delivers truly dramatic audio gains.Comparing its performance to the ‘unconditioned’ sound, our reference CD/Amp system enjoys greater separation and focus of
sound, and greater clarity and confidence in the midrange. Bass is burlier and better integrated, too. In a nutshell? It really does work.”
6 Way Mains Conditioner
for Hi Fi and Home Cinema
Given a Five Star rating by What Hi Fi magazine and winner of numerous awards
including Mains Conditioner of the year and best upgrade

This unit contains a powerful Mains Conditioning Filter which will help reduce or
eliminate mains interference coming through the mains electric supply
and help to enhance the sound and picture quality.

Our filters are specifically designed to combat both “Asymmetrical” as well as “Symmetrical” interference,
both being effectively suppressed by the introduction of High Frequency Capacitors and a single Choke
In addition we have also incorporated an Earth Line Choke to stop interference through the mains earth line,
finally we use an Screened Mains Cable to eliminate the effects of radiated noise interference.
  • Operating Voltage - 220-250V ac
  • Max Current rating - 13A
  • Max Surge Protection - 6500A
  • Surge Protection mode - L-N
  • Thermal fuse - Protecting VDR against overload
  • Mains Cable - Shielded with Aluminium foil
  • Single Stage Filter
  • Insertion Loss dB
    150 kHz.62
    3 MHz.35
    30 MHz.30
    1 GHz.15
  • Insertion loss measurements were carried out asymmetrically
  • Dimensions:
    Length - 42 cm.
    Width - 6 cm.
    Depth - 3.5 cm.
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6 Way Mains Conditioner for Hi Fi and Home Cinema