24 Hour GP / Immersion Heater Timeswitch - Surface - Discontinued

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24 Hour GP / Immersion Heater Timeswitch - SurfaceT102-C

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24 Hour Immersion Heater Timer
This immersion time control is designed to give economy to one of the most expensive to run appliances around the home.
This energy saving time switch can be fitted to both new and existing immersion heaters,
bringing ease of control and providing hot water when needed,
saving energy and most of all cutting the cost of fuel bills.
  • 24 hour version, mechanical time switch
  • Rated at 13 amps (2)amps inductive
  • 96 switching periods in 24 hours ,every 15 minutes
  • Manual override facility for ease of control.
  • Easy to install and operate, ideal for surface mounting and will suit most appliances where a wired timer is required
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24 Hour GP / Immersion Heater Timeswitch - Surface


EA 3+




EA 3+