Building Supply 30mA RCD + 16 Amp + 6 Amp MCBs5027739062975CU5GAR

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Height: - 178mm
Width: - 101mm
Depth: - 115mm
(inc. window)

RCCB: BS EN 60898
terminal capacity 35mm2
Builders Supply 30mA RCD + 16 Amp + 6 Amp MCB's
This unit provides power supply from a main building consumer unit
to separate garages, garden sheds and other auxiliary buildings
where RCD protection is required and lighting and other circuits are to be installed.
  • Supplied with
  • A neutral bar, earth bar, circuit identification labels and way label.
  • 1 x 16A 'B' type MCB
  • 1 x 6A 'B' type MCB
  • The precision RCCB provides protection against electrocution from earth faults above 30mA. This protects human life. The maximum load on the RCCB is 63A.
  • The enclosure is insulated and comes with a rating of IP55 which makes it splash proof and extremely robust. There are two knock outs which allow for plastic conduit if required.


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TL BS16/6

Building Supply 30mA RCD + 16 Amp + 6 Amp MCBs