20A 3 Pin Push Junction Box / Connector (male&female)5055287018434CT101C

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Operating temperature range of
+ 50C to -15C.

Length: 115mm
Width (at widest point): 40mm
Depth: 23mm
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20 Amp Push-in Connector
The versatile easy connection
system for fixed wiring applications

Time Is Money, our Push-In connector gives you easy
access with large terminals and fast connection.
Designed initially for lighting circuits to
enable isolation of transformers, control gear etc
whilst conducting the ‘MEGA’ 1000V Insulation Resistance Test.
  • 250V~ 20A Plug-In Connector
  • Large terminals with easy access
  • Terminal screws supplied raised
  • Easy lock and release mechanism.
  • Male: Max 1.5mm 3 core cable;
  • Female: Max 3 x 2.5mm twin and earth (with additional loop terminal).
  • Versatile, easy-connection system.
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20A 3 Pin Push Junction Box / Connector (male&female) Special Offer