Electricians Guide Book - 17th edition (Updated)

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Electricians Guide Book - 17th edition0GUIDE 17th editio

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Approx 272 pages
Electricians Guide Book
to the 17th edition Wiring Regulations
Guide to the IEE Wiring regulations - 17th edition

For an astonishing 25 years the Electrician’s Guide to the IEE Wiring Regulations by John Whitfield
has been a bestseller amongst electricians including students, installers and designers.

His new book, which covers the newly introduced 17th edition of the IEE wiring regulations,
is a continuation of the bestselling series.

It disentangles the complicated Wiring Regulations into what you have to do in practice,
significantly simplifying the work of electricians.

Unlike other publications, all electricians, including the many who are left to work on their own
without the immediate backup of designers, could ‘digest’ the content of the book.

For example, the formulas provided have been simplified,
such that even electricians without advanced maths knowledge can perform
the necessary calculations and make the correct installation decision.

The book is full of clear, up-to-date drawings and calculations (eg to 230V/400V).

Also it has been redesigned and bound as lay-flat book to facilitate reading ‘on the job’.

‘A benchmark in this field’, 2008
‘A book worth every penny’ 2004
‘A first rate guide to the wiring regulations’ 2001
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Electricians Guide Book - 17th edition